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WEP019 Study of Single Wire Scanner Monitor for FETS-FFA Test Ring simulation, proton, linac, injection 377
  • E. Yamakawa, S. Machida, A. Pertica, D.W. Posthuma de Boer
    STFC/RAL/ISIS, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, United Kingdom
  • Y. Ishi
    Kyoto University, Research Reactor Institute, Osaka, Japan
  • A.P. Letchford
    STFC/RAL, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, United Kingdom
  • T. Uesugi
    Kyoto University, Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Osaka, Japan
  To confirm the use of Fixed Field Alternating gradient accelerator (FFA) as a high power pulsed neutron spallation source, a prototype called FETS-FFA is studied at Rutherford Laboratory (RAL). A single Wire Scanner Monitor (WSM) is planned to be used to measure a beam position and a beam profile in the ring. One of the concerns of this monitor is the thermal damage on the Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) wire due to high energy deposition of low energy proton beam in FETS-FFA (3 - 12 MeV). Furthermore, to measure a beam profile during beam acceleration in the ring, a diameter of CNT wire needs to be smaller than the orbit displacements in turns. To confirm whether a single WSM is suitable for FETS-FFA ring, two different beam tests were performed at RAL and at the Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University (KURNS). Both measurements demonstrated that the single WSM is applicable for FETS-FFA ring if the diameter of CNT is smaller than the orbit separation in turns. In this paper, the detail of the design study of the single WSM as well as the performance tests are presented.  
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DOI • reference for this paper ※ doi:10.18429/JACoW-IBIC2023-WEP019  
About • Received ※ 05 September 2023 — Revised ※ 08 September 2023 — Accepted ※ 25 September 2023 — Issue date ※ 01 October 2023
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