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MOP013 Expansion of the MTCA Based Direct Sampling LLRF at MedAustron for Hadron Synchrotron Applications synchrotron, pick-up, diagnostics, injection 63
  • M. Wolf, M. Cerv, C. Kurfürst, S. Myalski, M. Repovž, C. Schmitzer
    EBG MedAustron, Wr. Neustadt, Austria
  • A. Bardorfer, B. Baričevič, P. Leban, P. Paglovec, M. Škabar
    I-Tech, Solkan, Slovenia
  The MedAustron Ion Therapy Centre is a synchrotron-based particle therapy facility located in Lower Austria, which delivers proton and carbon ion beams for cancer treatments. Currently the facility treats over 400 patients per year and is expected to double this number in the future. Six years since the start of clinical operation, MedAustron is experiencing end-of-life issues concerning the digital Low Level RF components in the injector and the synchrotron. Replacements for these applications are under development and the chosen hardware is suitable to also update multiple beam diagnostic devices in the facility. Main targets for updates are the Schottky monitors, which were never properly integrated into the MedAustron Control system and the position pickup measurement system, which currently does not support turn by turn measurements. Comparison measurements with other state of the art diagnostic devices are ongoing to demonstrate the capabilities of the generic hardware. Furthermore, these measurements should show the increased usability and diagnostic potential compared to the legacy devices.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ doi:10.18429/JACoW-IBIC2023-MOP013  
About • Received ※ 07 September 2023 — Revised ※ 09 September 2023 — Accepted ※ 13 September 2023 — Issue date ※ 16 September 2023
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