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WE3C02 Development of a Precise 4d Emittance Meter Using Differential Slit Image Processing emittance, simulation, experiment, electron 318
  • B.K. Shin, G. Hahn
    PAL, Pohang, Republic of Korea
  • M. Chung, C.K. Sung
    UNIST, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
  We have developed a highly precise 4D emittance meter for X-Y coupled beams with 4D phase-space (x-x’, y-y’, x-y’, y-x’) which utilizes an L-shaped slit and employs novel analysis techniques. Our approach involves two types of slit-screen image processing to generate pepper-pot-like images with great accuracy. One which we call the "differential slit" method, was developed by our group. This approach involves combining two slit-screen images, one at position x and the other at position x + the size of the slit, to create a differential slit image. The other method we use is the "virtual pepper-pot (VPP)" method, which combines x-slit and y-slit images to produce a hole (x,y) image. By combining that hole images, we are able to take extra x-y’ and y-x’ phase-space. The "differential slit" method is crucial for accurately measuring emittance. Through simulations with 0.1 mm slit width using Geant4, the emittance uncertainties for a 5 nm rad and 0.2 mm size electron beam were 5% and 250% with and without the "differential slit", respectively. In this presentation, we provide a description of the methodology, the design of slit, and the results of the 4D emittance measurements.  
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DOI • reference for this paper ※ doi:10.18429/JACoW-IBIC2023-WE3C02  
About • Received ※ 30 August 2023 — Revised ※ 13 September 2023 — Accepted ※ 26 September 2023 — Issue date ※ 28 September 2023
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